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Our philosophy is simple — hire a team of diverse, passionate people and foster a culture that empowers you to do your best work.
Matt Schmidgall
Chief Executive Officer
Matthew has led the operational launch and growth of multiple startups. Proven experience in leadership & operations roles, a wide understanding of complex operating structures and business development, bringing together top talent and business opportunities tied with a forward-thinking lean startup mentality.
Miguel Pascual
Chief Science Officer
Miguel has worked on industry-leading aerospace projects for over 12 years. Most notably as Engineer for NASA’s Space Launch System out of Michoud Assembly Facility. Research background in Computational Fluid Dynamics and Ablative Laser Propulsion, a deep technical knowledge underpins his passion to create the next frontier in human space capabilities.
Dr. Tom Cooley
SVP of Technology Strategy
Former Air Force Research Laboratory Chief Scientist and Fellow. Managed multiple satellite programs with vast background on space vehicle technology, overseeing scientific quality and new identifying best investments USSF technologies. Deep knowledge of space systems, physics, and systems engineering, PhD in Optical Sciences.
Dalibor Djuran
VP of Spacecraft Engineering
Two decades designing and manufacturing spacecraft and leading engineering teams. Work in Nuclear, Aerospace, and Electronic manufacturing at Flextronics and Gartner, Head of Spacecraft manufacturing at Planet, and Chief Engineer at E-Space. Committed to promoting creativity, effective problem solving, and breakthrough results in diverse and inclusive environment.
Freyr Thor
Chief Financial Officer
Freyr has led multiple successful businesses in technology and entertainment, managing budgets in excess of $100M. Seasoned in leading complex projects to success, with startups and established companies, Freyr excels at the intersection of technology application and fearless innovation.
Dr. Keiko Nakamura-Messenger
VP of Mission Development
Keiko is an accomplished NASA mission and sample scientist. She has been researcher, leader, and international liaison for missions including Stardust, Genesis, OSIRIS-REx, and JAXA Hayabusa2. Keiko’s discoveries of new minerals and interstellar organics in extraterrestrial materials were recognized by NASA’s Exceptional Scientific Achievement Medal and asteroid namesake KeikoNakamura.
James Orsulak
Chief Revenue Officer
Industry executive,angel investor, sales leader. Previously lead sales for Descartes Labs as the Head of Mining and Planetary Resources as Head of Business Development. Prior to this he spent a decade developing large-scale fueling infrastructure projects for space launch systems, rail, and industrial applications.
Ryan Bolen
Robotics Engineer
Over a decade of robotics experience at SpaceX, Blue Origin & Tesla in automation and testing, designing and maintaining systems for Tesla’s manufacturing facility in Fremont and robotic NDT systems, robotic automation & AM systems for SpaceX & Blue Origin. USAF aircraft mechanic & NDT tech. Leading Additive Manufacturing automation processes & robotics systems design.
Megan Smith
Senior Robotics Engineer
Hardware design & manufacturing, software & systems engineering. Working at NASA, Northrop Grumman and Lockheed Martin developing robotic tools, designed lunar habitats and mechanisms for the Orion spacecraft. Leading engineering for an innovative robotics startup. Launched robotics learning and consulting business for individuals and companies.
Derek Newsom
Senior Software Architect
Technology executive in multiple startups, led ground up development of complex software systems. With a mindset of finding the most efficient solutions in environments of constant change, he leads development architecture and communications across technical teams, as well as internal and external stakeholders.
Reid Axup
Facilities and Manufacturing Manager
Experienced fabricator and field technician with a demonstrated history of working in the construction and telecommunications industries. Skilled in welding, fabrication, and NDT Inspection.
Alexa Felix
Administrative Assistant
Experienced providing comprehensive support to executives and managing operational needs. Known for exceptional organizational skills, the ability to manage multiple high-priority tasks simultaneously, and a detail-oriented approach to project management. With a proactive attitude and a dedication to fostering positive business relationships.
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