Pioneering resource exploration by developing technologies that enable the acquisition and management of rare and valuable resources.
Capturing The Future Frontier


ExLabs is developing a new generation of spacecraft intended to utilize the total capacity of the new super heavy-lift 100-ton payload capacity of the SpaceX Starship. 

Our RPO system is designed to capture an object for trajectory alterations and redirection, for LEO debris mitigation, defensive purposes, station keeping services and more. Ultimately enabling NEO Asteroid capture for return to Lunar orbit, enabling access for resource extraction for industrial and scientific research. 

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Early asteroid mining will be a process of trial and error. Establishing infrastructure will require multiple trips. Trip times would be months to over a year. The most accessible asteroids with near Earth orbits also have very rare launch windows, on the order of years to decades apart. Light lag latency in heliocentric orbits can be 10s of minutes. Sending infrastructure to deep space is not conducive to rapid development of an industry. 

Let's compare that to an asteroid in lunar orbit. Trip times are just days, launch windows from LEO occur every two weeks. Light lag latency is about 3 seconds. Telerobots at ~1 lunar distance can enjoy high bandwidth. For these reasons, lunar orbit is a much better place to develop the fledgling asteroid mining technology and industry.


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Chief Executive Officer of ExLabs, has led the operational launch and growth of multiple startups. Proven experience in leadership & operations roles, a wide understanding of complex operating structures and business development, bringing together top talent and business opportunities tied with a forward-thinking lean startup mentality.

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Chief Engineer, Miguel has worked on industry-leading aerospace projects for over 12 years. Most notably as Engineer for NASA’s Space Launch System out of Michoud Assembly Facility. Research background in Computational Fluid Dynamics and Ablative Laser Propulsion, a deep technical knowledge underpins his passion to create the next frontier in human space capabilities.

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Senior Engineer, Vagan has over 12 years as a Senior Structures Engineer at Northrop Grumman and Sikorsky Aircraft Corp. Professor of Mechanics of Materials at Florida Institute of Technology.  With time at UTAS as a Structures Engineering Lead he performed technical analysis for various development programs.

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Chief Financial Officer At ExLabs, Freyr has led multiple successful businesses in technology and entertainment, managing budgets in excess of $100M. Seasoned in leading complex projects to success, with startups and established companies, Freyr excels at the intersection of technology application and fearless innovation.

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Technology executive in multiple startups, Derek has led ground up development of complex software systems. With a mindset of finding the most efficient solutions in environments of constant change, he leads development architecture and communications across technical teams, as well as internal and external stakeholders.


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James Orsulak

Space-industry executive serving at Descartes Labs as the Senior Director of Business and Sales, and previously as the Vice President of Earth Observation and Business Development at Planetary Resources. Responsible for selling the company’s primary product line which includes rocket propellant, water for life support functions, and construction materials sourced from asteroids. Previously spending a decade developing large-scale fueling infrastructure projects for space launch systems, the rail industry, heavy-duty trucking fleets, and industrial applications.

Andrew Bossert 

As an Officer in the USAF, he served as an Advanced Concepts Contracting Officer, Special Programs, Space and Missile Systems Center. Supported classified programs to field  and sustain cutting-edge space technology. Later serving in contracting and acquisition positions including space systems, classified contracts, contingency, and completed a tour with USSOCOM’s Special Operations Forces Acquisition, Technology and Logistics - Contracting GHOST program. Andrew deployed to Kabul, Afghanistan in support of Operation Freedom Sentinel as the Chief of Contracting for the Special Operations Joint Task Force.

Severin Blenkush

Commander, United States Space Command, Director of Contracting for Air Mobility Command. Business Intel Lead for Space Force's Space Rapid Capabilities Office. Accomplished senior executive supported by a 25+ year record of establishing vision, developing strategy, and accomplishing long-term/short-term objectives for complex, evolving environments. Proven management expert successful in operational planning, project scheduling and oversight, resource maximization, financial/budget management. Change agent with a strong ability to confront unique, intricate situations and carve out advantageous solutions where no templates exist.

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TOGETHER: In addition to the engineering and production of a new class of space exploration vehicle, ExLabs is aiming to disrupt the traditional aerospace industry by inviting the community to imagine, create and celebrate the journey alongside the team—things worth doing are better done together. ExLabs believes decentralized technology can help connect people that are passionate about the future of humans in space with those that can take the next steps to get us there. 

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