Pioneering resource exploration and management by developing capabilities that enable the acquisition and  access to rare and valuable resources.
Capturing The Future Frontier


With remarkable developments in reusable rocket technology, access to space has become more attainable than ever. Utilizing these new super-heavy lift rockets, ExLabs is developing the next generation of space vehicles for  exploration, designed to capture asteroid resources. Our vehicles will go into deep space and carry out missions in some of the first-ever private enterprise accomplishments in space exploration.

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TOGETHER: In addition to the engineering and production of a new class of space exploration vehicle, ExLabs is aiming to disrupt the traditional aerospace industry by inviting the community to imagine, create and celebrate the journey alongside the team—things worth doing are better done together. ExLabs believes decentralized technology can help connect people that are passionate about the future of humans in space with those that can take the next steps to get us there. 

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The pedigreed ExLabs team has been assembled from some of the best talent in the modern space and technology industries. The future of human exploration looks bright, and with a team that represents over 100 years of combined space innovation and entrepreneurial success, ExLabs plans to connect humanity to opportunities that have never before been explored.

exlabs TEAM

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Chief Executive Officer of ExLabs, has led the operational launch and growth of multiple startups. Proven experience in leadership & operations roles, a wide understanding of complex operating structures and business development, bringing together top talent and business opportunities tied with a forward-thinking lean startup mentality.

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Chief Engineer, Miguel has worked on industry-leading aerospace projects for over 12 years. Most notably as Engineer for NASA’s Space Launch System out of Michoud Assembly Facility. Research background in Computational Fluid Dynamics and Ablative Laser Propulsion, a deep technical knowledge underpins his passion to create the next frontier in human space capabilities.

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Vagan has over 12 years as a Senior Structures Engineer at Northrop Grumman and Sikorsky Aircraft Corp. Professor of Mechanics of Materials at Florida Institute of Technology.  With time at UTAS as a Structures Engineering Lead he performed technical analysis for various development programs.

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Robotics expert spending 6 years at SpaceX as a Falcon launch vehicle engineer working on a diverse array of mission-critical and novel in-flight reusability systems and certifying all hardware for human spaceflight. Later joining a robotics manufacturing startup, and helped lead its engineering team from inception through a successful NASA SBIR project and series A funding.

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Chief Financial Officer At ExLabs, Freyr has led multiple successful businesses in technology and entertainment, managing budgets in excess of $100M. Seasoned in leading complex projects to success, with startups and established companies, Freyr excels at the intersection of technology application and fearless innovation.

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Technology executive in multiple startups, Derek has led ground up development of complex software systems. With a mindset of finding the most efficient solutions in environments of constant change, he leads development architecture and communications across technical teams, as well as internal and external stakeholders.

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Lindsey is a seasoned marketing and communications professional, successfully leading many startups through rebrands, company positioning exercises, increasing brand awareness, and implementing high-impact marketing campaigns. Specializing in brand and corporate  marketing strategy, creative direction, sales support, communication strategies, press & analyst relations, and leading successful marketing teams & programs.

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