Apophis Mission 2028

The Apophis asteriod in space


Exploration Laboratories (ExLabs) is dedicated to advancing space exploration and the utilization of space resources, we are proud to introduce our groundbreaking mission to study and interact with the asteroid Apophis.

Mission Overview:
The ExLabs Apophis spacecraft is set to launch no later than April 2028, arriving approximately six months prior to Earth's close approach to the asteroid in April 2029. Maintaining a safe distance from the asteroid, our spacecraft will facilitate payload deployment and operations for commercial and scientific missions and instruments.

ExLabs Apophis Spacecraft:
The ExLabs Apophis spacecraft will carry the DROID mission as its primary payload, designed to carry out radar observations developed by NASA JPL and CNES. Additionally, we invite proposals for additional instruments, landers, or orbiters to fly on our spacecraft to Apophis.

Payload Opportunities:
The ExLabs Apophis spacecraft offers opportunities for additional payloads, with customizable constraints to accommodate various scientific instruments and experiments. From prospecting landers to smaller satellites, our spacecraft provides a platform for innovative research and exploration. We offer operational support for payloads, including RF communication and data transmission to Earth via the NASA Deep Space Network.

SERV Spacecraft:
Our SERV (Space Exploration & Resource Vehicle) spacecraft, a multipurpose and scalable architecture, is central to our mission objectives. Designed to capture and control large objects in space while hosting payloads, the SERV system concept represents a significant leap in spacecraft capabilities. With a vision to support asteroid retrieval missions for in-situ resource utilization (ISRU) in cis-lunar space, the SERV spacecraft is a key component of our long-term strategy.

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