The Explorers NFT and community is a collaborative and artistic representation of our shared exploration journey of the future space economy.


As a private space company, we are witnessing the dawn of a new era, where an entire industry will flourish to build the future space economy. This new era requires the audacity of many, not just the privileged access of a select few. It encompasses startups and entrepreneurs, not just government agencies and billionaires. This decentralization of authority and power over future space endeavors aligns us at ExLabs with the NFT community and Web3 as a whole. Together, we believe that collective power can usher in a future where humanity's sustainability and prosperity are ensured.

Explorers NFT Sample Art


The Explorers NFT art is designed to express humanity's collective desire and passion to reach the stars, visually representing the expanse of the future space economy.

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You can purchase one of 500 limited release Pioneer NFT's on the Opensea marketplace.

Learn more about how to set up your wallet and own an NFT here.



By purchasing an Explorers NFT, you'll also receive 10 Exploration Tokens per day which can be used for exclusive community benefits including evolving your limited edition NFT, getting your name out into the solar system, displaying artwork or an image of your choice on an actual spaceship, and even provide the opportunity to have an actual piece of a deep space asteroid.

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2022 - Explorers Pass Mint
500 Pioneer Pass mint, Token Redemption
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2023 - Astro Mint
Public Astro mint, R&D Mission begins
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2024 & Beyond - Phase 2
Schematic designs airdropped, Series 1 digital drop & physical claim
Additional perks such as launching your name to space, VIP package to attend an exclusive party for a mission launch, submitting suggestions for naming a spaceship, and potentially acquiring real space mineral samples will be available within the Explorers NFT ecosystem.

Web3 Utility Roadmap

Q3: Token Redemption, First Airdrop

Q4: Primo Astro Series, Deep Space Vehicle Airdrop, Rocket Ship Burn Mechanism

2023: Q1/Q2: Schematic Designs, Rocket Launch Pack, Series 2 Drop

2023: Q3/Q4 Spaceship Art Competition, Series 3, Spacesuit Designs

2024: Metaverse Rocket Launch, Spacesuit Challenge. 

2025 and Beyond: Live Rocket launch and launch party, Owning a piece of an asteroids…


How is the Explorers NFT different from other NFTs?


At ExLabs, we're constantly considering how to push the boundaries around us. As a space company, we'll leverage the unique capabilities we have and bring exclusive perks to the Explorers NFT Community. As a member of the Explorers NFT you'll be able to send your name out into the solar system for all posterity, influence the final look of an actual spacecraft, and have access to flight-hardware and launch day VIP experiences!

What are ‘Exploration’ tokens?


‘Exploration’ tokens are generated by your Explorers NFT at a rate of 10 per day while you hold it. These tokens can be used in the ecosystem for real world benefits, which may include community decisions, VIP package to attend an exclusive party for a mission launch, submitting suggestions for a spaceship names, and potentially acquiring real space mineral samples. Note: ‘Exploration Tokens’ are not an investment and have no intrinsic cash value.

Will ExLabs be going to deep space?


Yes! Now that space has become more accessible we'll be one of the initial launch partners for fielding a new generation of exploration vehicles. At a fraction of the launch cost per kilogram by historical standards, we aim to have a real impact on the future of space exploration by targeting missions far outside lower Earth orbit. Join us and become part of the community as we take these steps towards new discoveries!

Will I really be able to have an impact on the look of the Space Exploration Vehicle?


We've devised a way for our members to potentially have a direct impact on the final look of the ExLabs vehicles. Everything is on the table, and we think space exploration could use a bit more color. Finalized details will become available at a later date but we think you’ll like where this is going. Think of it as the first-ever piece of space graffiti 😉

Will this project have a positive impact here on Earth?


In order to have an immediate impact in our communities, we’re putting together a list of top charitable choices to encourage youth education in Science. The Explorers NFT Community will get to decide where those contributions will go once the choices are finalized. In addition, we believe our technology will allow us to leave the environmental hazards of industrial mining in the past. We’ll preserve our planet for future generations by acquiring rare resources in their raw elemental form.